Tangy and Tasty; Sahuaro’s Advanced Culinary Class


Amanda Mourelatos, Co-Editor of Cougart and Community Builder

I took a visit down to Mr. Raemaker’s advanced cooking class on Tuesday, October 3rd, to see just how skilled the advanced culinary class is. This class consists of advanced chefs that learn all there is to know about cooking techniques. The chefs cook all sorts of different foods with the proper skills and knowledge needed, so you could say they’re pretty advanced for high school students. The students whose food I sampled, Kailee Emmett, Kobi Bell, Daniel Mathias, and Mathieu Valenzuela, brought orange chicken with rice to the table. As soon as the cooks entered the kitchen, they all dove right into the work. The cooks pulled out the recipe, the utensils needed, and the ingredients used. While one student was slicing the chicken, another was getting water, another was reading off the recipe, and so on and so forth. Chefs were constantly going backwards and forwards in this chaotic kitchen just down in room 134. Who knew that so much could be going on in one classroom?

After a good 45 minutes, the chicken and rice were all cooked and ready to be devoured! I sunk my teeth into the fluffy, well marinated chicken and fell in love. The rice was very well cooked and went perfectly with the chicken; everything was so flavorful! Honestly, this was the best orange chicken I have ever eaten, including Panda Express’ chicken. Good job cooks, you’ve won me and my tummy over!