The Start Of ” V Lashed”


Jayla Harris, Reporter

Since Covid-19 originally began, you’ve probably started to see many teens and young girls wanting to start their own lash business. But have you ever wondered if they enjoyed doing it, or are they doing it for the money? Think of lashes as a trend: lots of girls decided to learn to do them since it’s a beauty standard for most women.

Viviana Alvarez is a sophomore at Sahuaro High School. She is currently trying to build her portfolio as a lash tech while getting more practice.

Vivi has been practicing for three months already, but she would like to have six months of practice to ensure her clients will be handled with proper care. Since we are all in high school, she said to me, ” I want to start doing teenageĀ girls in high school so they can afford them, rather than spending 200$ for two weeks.”

With her being in school still, she has other priorities. For example, she is on the cheer team, has a job, does school, and is becoming a lash tech on the side. She enjoys the schedule of a lash tech because in her life, something always comes up. In the future she would love to expand her business and have a multi service business as well as having vending machines with her very own lashes in them.

“It all starts somewhere and proper care and technique is what builds good business – my clients comfort is my biggest priority.” To help spread the start of ” V lashed” could you guys give a follow to her instagram v_.lashed.