Winter Formal, a Winter Wonderland


Abi Nash

Winter Wonderland was held at the Jewish Community Center under the hour of 8:00 pm. Most of the girls waltzed in, covered in gowns, body-con dresses, high-low dresses and everything in between, while others strutted in blazers, suits, and bow-ties. Sparkles, ruffles, lace, and satin textures painted the walkway of the flower-lit arch as students’ heels were heard click-clacking, kissing the dance room’s black carpet. Hardly a soul was found astray. Traveling in packs, the various groups of individuals dismissed the social differences and gathered as a whole, a student body. So many Cougars in one room, any prior conflict being the last obstacle these animals would let get in their way of the jungle-like dance floor.

The blank slate canvas floor, drenched in every hue imaginable came to life with at least 215 bodies full of magic. Dance circles broke up crowds of spectators and participants forming a hollow circle with a solo act demonstrating the fundamentals of dance. Couples and friends complemented the populated side tables, draped in white satin and lavender bows centered with glass vases containing snow colored branches of a once thriving sprout decorated in lights, observing the acts. Bodies eventually began perspiring as the floor became denser, the need for hydration becoming greater. Students rushed over to the orange water jugs to grab a quick sip before getting back to boogieing. 

Slow songs sung by Ed Sheeran, and Troy and Gabriela from High School Musical 3 sparked the passion of couples as their romantic aura accentuated the air, ringing the bell for the lonely to hydrate and check their devices. The voices of Trey Songs, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, and other artists supplied all the hip-hop rhythms needed to have a successful teenage break down. “Do you want to dance?” was only heard a finger length away from many, those courageous enough just grabbed a stranger’s hand, saving the introduction for more appropriate times. Miley Cyrus and other pop artists challenged heart beats to race their peers. Flocks of companions clumped together while the childhood favorites came on, providing the freedom to sing as loud as one wanted without a speck of judgement floating through the air. Mouths open, eyes closed, hands in the air, feet tapping, and hips swaying, one didn’t have to speak to another to know they were enjoying their evening. The sea of students was vertically enticed by the fast beats, encouraging others to jump, making the DJ’s job easier. 

Before, after, and during the ball, teenagers were encouraged to take pictures in the photo booth containing props such as fake chains, plastic yellow over-sized glasses, flimsy plastic hats dripping in glitter, and a personal favorite: brown and white silicon horse and unicorn heads. The JCC glowed with blue, purple, and green streams of beaming, flashing lights. Enchantment was emitted through the building, the parking lot, envious of the heavy breathing, cleaned up, fun-filled students distracted from the upcoming finals week. As 11:30 pm struck the clock, students accepted the fate of their last song. “Can I Have This Dance” serenaded the ears of everyone, hoping the last song wouldn’t go to waste. The guitar strings offered a last chance for those whose last winter formal was disappearing in front of their eyes to remember it as a night of magic. As bodies slowly stopped swaying the dancers left the floor, gathering their items: abandoned heels, phones, wallets, ID’s, and other belongings and headed out the door with a small grin plastered across their faces.