Spirit Week is Coming Again


Avery Miller , Cougart Co-Editor, Community Builder Co-Editor

Sahuaro’s spirit week might be the most exciting week at school. Seeing your peers go all out with make-up and costumes or trying to pay attention to a teacher who is decked out as Goofy can add some much-needed fun to our day. The week’s excitement comes down to the crowning of the spirit queen or king. The crown goes to the most- spirited student. Whether you are looking to be the next spirit queen or king, or just want to show your school spirit one day of the week, I am here to give you a few ideas for each day. The first day is Monday the 22nd, so start planning!

Monday: Meme Day

Memes have just been around in the last few years, and have become a way for teenagers to relate. For this spirit day, you can get creative or get some inspiration from going on the internet.

You must have been a rock fan for a long time if you remember The Rock when he rocked this style. Lately this throwback image has been floating all over meme accounts, why not rock it for meme day!



This might be the easiest costume of the whole week, just grab your yellow sweater and let out your inner anger through the iconic fist. If you want to take your costume up a notch, make some classic Arthur ears.


Tuesday: Big Little Day 

Big little day has only been around for the past few years, and is a new version of the twin day from our middle school days. Not only is this an easy day to show your school spirit and participate, but it also brings peers from different classes together.

Wednesday: Superhero/Villain Day 

This one is honestly a classic and everyone looks forward to it. Plus there are many characters to pick from. Pick your best friend or significant other and have fun dressing up.


Thursday: Class Color

The freshman will stand out more than usual on this spirit week day. Each class just has to dress in the the assigned color!

Freshman: Grey

Sophomores: White

Juniors: Blue

Seniors: Red

Friday: Black Out Day/ Galaxy Day

White out/Black out days are always a popular and easy spirit week day. If you are feeling fancy you can always pull out the galaxy and rock it. Just remember not to space out in class that day.