We Filled Out the Forms…What’s Next?

Registration Explained


Amanda Mourelatos, Editor of A&E and Commuity Builder

Out of nowhere, registration for next year’s classes sprung up. Lots of questions bounced around my classroom and lots of students were unsure and still are. What if you want to change your requested schedule? What happens if the name of a class confused you (ie Marching Band was listed as Advanced Band and The Paper Cut was called Newspaper) so you didn’t pick it? Where do you go to change a class? How does it all work? For incoming freshmen, what is this CTE survey course and is it necessary to graduate? All of the following will be answered and more information will be given to those who are just as confused as I am.

I asked Assistant Principal  of Curriculum, RJ Lundstrom a series of questions that might clear up most of the uneasiness about registering for classes.

Step One – All of the registration papers that students already completed and turned in are gathered.  Counselors look at the number of students per class, and the amount of class offerings and periods is deciphered, depending on how many students want to be in each class.

Step Two – Then, the students are divided up into periods, and when all the registration forms are put into the computer, each student will be assigned to their desired classes to the best of admin’s ability.

Step Three – Teachers also rank their preference for what they would like to teach next year as well as their preferred planning period, and while none of that is guaranteed, admin tries to work around their choices.

Another thing Mr. Lundstrom said was that all students who enter an AP class must remain in the class for a semester at the least, and you are not allowed to change your lunch or any classes because of illogical reasons, such as wanting to be with friends. To sign up now for a class for next year or if you changed your mind about wanting a specific class, make an appointment with your counselor as soon as possible.  Once schedules are made, it can be a bit more difficult, but as long as you have good reasoning for your switch, you will be changed. If you wait to change your class until later on in the year or semester, then it will have to be run by Mr. Lundstrom.

Next year, all freshmen will be required to take the CTE Survey Course. According to counselor, Megan Boice, “It’s called College and Career Investigation. Since freshmen cannot take ANY CTE classes, this class will review and visit all of the CTE programs at Sahuaro throughout the semester. Then the student will know for sure which program they want to get into sophomore year. They will also go over things such as leadership skills. Most of them will pair it with health.”  She then added, “It is still in the works…but that is what we know so far.” A few new classes have been added as well, like Advanced Badminton and a Computer Science class.

When asked what advice he gives to the students, Lundstrom said, “You have to take all of your core classes, but experiment with your electives. Try new things!” Hopefully this article clears up any general questions, but if you or anyone you know has any questions, feel free to ask your counselor or Mr. Lundstrom. Also, considering how all schedules went astray last year because of the transition to Synergy, Mr. Lundstrom believes that this year’s registration will flow much smoother and will be more successful.