Artist Spotlight: Jordan Wolford


Samantha Crowson, Feature and Cougar Tales Editor

There are many types of artists, and anything can be art. Jordan Wolford knows the ups and downs of art and prides himself in being an artist himself.

Starting as just classic doodles and sketches, Jordan started art at a young age as a coping mechanism for his dad’s deportation back to Mexico. He doodled for the hobby as well as to share with his dad, soon learning that art was what he wanted to do. On bad days Jordan found art as a calming source to vent his feelings. “Art, is a crazy thing because it is whatever you want it to be or at least that’s what I think,” Jordan explains about the power art has on him.

Like many artists, his style changed throughout the years. His liking of his current style choice, graffiti, came from a friend he met in middle school. “…one day after school I walked home, and saw that I had some new neighbors, and there was a kid riding a bike outside,” Jordan says. Their friendship grew until he received some harsh news about the loss of his friend. He was killed in a bicycle accident.

Coping with the loss of his friend, Jordan became lackadaisical and lost interest in many things including art. At one point, he even got arrested for shoplifting, but throughout it all, art remained his hobby. ¬†Even if it doesn’t seem to make sense Jordan says,¬† “Art can be whatever you want it to be… it means what you want it to mean or what you want it to say, that’s what I want it to be.”