StuCo Hosts Halloween Party


Nathalia Valdez, Social Media and Communication

Student Council’s sophomore class vice president, Megan Rasey, organized a Halloween party for all of the students in the ex-ed class and members of StuCo to get to know know one another. On October 31st during 1st and 2nd lunch, Student Council hosted the event in the upper 200 building that consisted of games, food, coloring sheets, hanging out, costumes, and lots of treats.

Student Ian Schuler said, “It was very fun! I liked meeting other people. I talked to my new Student Council friends about Minecraft and other video games!”

Sage Bernhard cheerfully exclaimed, “I had a lot of fun. I liked coloring, eating food, and making new Student Council  friends!”

Richard Sorrell laughed, “The food was definitely my favorite part. I was so hungry! I talked to a lot of people but I can’t remember any of their names haha, oohh I also loved the singing!”

Student Council’s Sophomore Vice President Megan Rasey also said, “Being part of the Halloween lunch for the students was really inspiring and it made my heart so happy that they were enjoying themselves and having fun. I cant wait to be a part of it again next year!”

This was a great opportunity for students to make new friends and many are looking forward to it next year.