NHS Toy Drive 🎅☃️

NHS Toy Drive 🎅☃️

Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

During the holidays people all around the world are giving back to their communities in spirit of the holiday season. It is common for people to donate or help out a little bit more during this time, seeing as many people don’t exactly have the resources or family to celebrate. This year, NHS is giving back – as they do every year in some way. I spoke with the chairman of the toy drive to ask her some questions.

How can kids donate?

Kids were able to donate to their homeroom teacher. NHS delivered boxes to each classroom, and labeled them ‘Toy Drive’.

Where are the toys going?

They’re going to the TMC hospital for the children.

Why did NHS want to do this?

Every year we always donate to Toy For Tots, but there was some problems getting that set up – so this year we decided to go with the TMC children’s hospital, and they were more than willing to participate.

When did it end?

It ended on the 11th, and I will be taking them to the hospital today (December 14th).

How does it impact Sahuaro students?

When I go to the hospital today I want to try and take pictures of the kids with the toys. I want to put them on The Paper Cut so the students can see what they did for kids at the hospital

Giving back to the community is a big part of the holiday season. It’s important to look at the other side of things, and think about how other people are living. The holiday season is hard for many people, for some it’s the worst part about the holidays. Families don’t always have the greatest relationships, and people often feel themselves feeling worse during a time that is supposed to be filled with cheer. Check up on your LGBTQ+ friends, and friends that don’t have good relationships with their parents because they can always use someone to remind them that family isn’t always blood. Happy Holidays Cougars! ✖‿✖