First Track Invitational

Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communications

On an interesting March morning, Sahuaro track athletes got into a bus and were on their way to Queen Creek to compete in their first Track Invitational of the season.

Track events

The events of the meet included 3200m, 100 hurdles, 100m run, 1600m run, 400 relay, 400 run, 300m hurdles, 800 run, 200m run, 3200m run (fast heat).

Adrian (3200m)

The first athlete to compete was Adrian Beenken who participated in the 3200m and timed 12:28, having improved his P.R. “It was a challenging race, but worth it in the end.” Hurdlers (female) from Sahuaro were Amyra Perry-Fultz (participated in 100m and 300m hurdles) and Laura Mejia (300m hurdles). Although Amyra does not have her 300 m hurdles time, her 100 m hurdles was 19.02. “You’re always going to hurt.  Just finish so it can be over,” she laughs. Laura’s 300m hurdles time was 56.04. “I’m just trying to go home,” she stated. Our 100 meter dash participants where Treyvion White-Austin, Dom Beas, Jordan Bunting-Er, Tevion Watkins, and Andres Islas. Treyvion’s 100m time 11.09, and Jordan not far behind with 11.78.

Amyra doing 100m hurdles

In the (female) 1600 meter run we had Megan Raisey, with a 6:24 time. “It wasn’t easy, but what’s easy when you want to win!” she chirps. Male 1600m run participants were Hayden Estrella, Skyler Devaughn, and Nathan Schmidt. Hayden’s time was exactly 5:00 min. Even after having P.R’d his 800m (2:11) all he said was, “I’ll do better.” Nathan’s time for the 1600 was 5:29 min (also a P.R.).  “Have a positive outlook, and you’ll have a positive race!” he said positively. The 4×100 (female) relays where Kira Montgomery, Lashya Fox, Ashante Bell, and Emerald Linke-Shivers. Kira Montgomery also participated in the long jump along with Lashya Fox.

Austin Valenzuela (800m)
Ronnie Sabatino (800m) 4th place

Participants for (male) 800m run were Skyler Devaughn, Hayden Estella, Ronnie Sabatino  and Austin Valenzuela. “The pain is temporary,” exclaims Austin after having P.R.’ed (time 2:17). Ronnie won 4th place with the astonishing time of 2:02. “There’s no short cuts in running, just hard work,” he says cheerfully. 200m partakers included Trevion Watkins, Dominique Beas, and Ian Morken. 3200m (fast heat) we had only 1 contestant, Skyler Devaughn, “Track sure is fun!” he said eagerly.

Field events

Shot Put contributors where Kingsley Ugwu, Justin Scott, Christopher Lochhead, and Benjamin Jackson. Kingsley’s P.R is 53.7. Javelin participants where Chase Pope and Christopher Lochhead.  During our very first Invite Christopher Lochhead threw the Javelin and an astonishing distance of 138ft reserving a spot in State! Discus Throwers were Kingsley Ugwu, Justin Scott, Benjamin Jackson, and Christopher Lochhead.

“The Track Team had a fantastic 1st Invite. Considering that this was our first Queen Creek meet ever, and there was very stiff completion Sahuaro did very good, and I am more than satisfied with the results!” stated Coach Rutherford.