Student College Coaches: Halley Hughes and Serenity Guerrero

Emma Walrath

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For the first time, Sahuaro had the opportunity of having two student college coaches, Halley Hughes and Serenity Guerrero. Since they were the trail blazers of this program, there were some hiccups in the process. While they weren’t given many resources to do their jobs, they did build a foundation for students who will go on to fill their positions since they are graduating this year. Mrs. Hughes brought the program to their attention and the opportunity was a no brainier: learning, educating and doing it with one of your best friends.

Halley shared how much she learned about the process of counseling and how to educate others. “Most people don’t understand the process of applying to the U, it isn’t just apply and get in,” explains Halley. She did seem happy that she could help students learn and do the process correctly.

Serenity Guerrero said the best part of this coaching was “knowing that Halley and I have created something that had never existed at Sahuaro and knowing that we are going to pass something on is extraordinary.” Breaking into a new field made it hard to establish themselves and get seniors to come in and speak with them. They both agree that next year they will move the program to the middle of the day because most seniors are off campus by sixth period.

Overall, Halley and Serenity both set up a beneficial student program that will go on to help other students who are a little confused on anything college. They hope students use it as a helpful student resource after they are gone. Since the program will be continued for the 2019-2020 school year, they are both proud that they could help create something new and make their Sahuaro mark.