Senior Q&A with Heather Williams


Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

Q. Whats your plan after high school?

A. Plan on going to Pima for like 2 or 3 years to be an X-Ray-tech. 

Q.Why bones? What’s your favorite bone?

A. I wanted to do something in the medical field, and I also didn’t want to do that much schooling so… Don’t really have a favorite bone. 

Q. Giant Yellow Sunhat or Giant Yellow Clown shoes?

A. Giant Yellow Sunglasses

Q. How did you get over your ‘no friend fear’ throughout high-school?

A. I just kind of didn’t care what people thought, having a few friends was fine for me. 

Q. Which of your personality traits has helped you the most in high school? Why?

A. Not being a sycophant or a butt-kiss, not being that way towards teachers and just being kind to them, that’s it.

Q. Favorite memory of high-school?

A. Meeting Michael Kruszewski sophomore year. I’ll always remember the first conversation I had with Michael and how awkward it was but memorable. Also just all the memories throughout senior year.

Q. Scariest thing that happened in high-school?

A. It was freshman year when my mom went into the hospital and they thought she was dying and she really became close to it. But she didn’t, which I am super grateful for.

Q. Paintball War, last-man standing wins, who’s going down – you or Michael?

A. Probably Me.

Q. Any advice for upcoming freshmen?

A. Don’t take anything that people say to heart because most of the time they’re not doing any better than you.

Q. Biggest accomplishment in high-school?

A. I got named section leader in Advanced Choir at Sahuaro and then also I got an ‘excellent’ in solo and ensemble and that’s like really hard so I did that on my own time and stuff.