Sahuaro’s MVP’s – Trayvion and Alyssa


Denise Najera , Sports Recorder

Although what makes a sport so great is the team working together, there are some individual players out there who on their own are amazing sports players.

Trayvion White-Austin. Heard of him? Probably have. If not, where have you been?

Tray has won three state championships in sports and has probably set some records. “My first championship was in track Junior year in long jump, I was very excited to have won.”  He says becoming the athlete he is today all started because of his older brother.
“I always use to watch him play sports and he just inspired me to play sports.”  He also says what keeps him motivated is the success. But like everyone, he has challenges.”My biggest one is trying to stay focused.” Wow, isn’t that all of our biggest challenges.

After high school Tray does plan to pursue in collegiate level athletics. “My plan is to run track after high school, I already signed to Central Arizona.”  What he’s going to miss most is playing football with his friends and just hanging out with them. Of course along with winning titles.

Another MVP from Sahuaro is Alyssa Botkin. You’ve probably heard of her as well. Not only famous for softball and basketball but (and my personal favorite) Orchestra! What got Alyssa into sports was her family. “My dad being a coach, my mom being super athletic, and my brother playing sports made me want to join in. My favorite sport to play is probably basketball, but that is a hard question to answer because my favorite sport is whichever sport I happen to be playing at the moment.” Her biggest motivator is that she is a very competitive person, always having the drive to win but  also wanting to be in shape and make her family proud.

Her biggest accomplishment was this year in basketball. “This year, our basketball team made it to the final four in the state tournament, which takes a lot of hard work and camaraderie.” Although sports aren’t going to be quite her focus after high-school, she still has big plans. “I did not sign with anyone. After high school, I plan on focusing on school. I am majoring in biomedical engineering, which will be very time-consuming, but I will also be auditioning for the U of A’s Philharmonic Orchestra and playing recreational sports on campus. I will also hopefully be back to help coach girl’s basketball!”

Why the orchestral contrast you ask? “Haha, that’s an incredibly tough question. I guess it depends on what mood I am in when you ask! They are both very different outlets. Sports help get aggression and energy out of me, while orchestra is relaxing and a beautiful art form. As of right now, I am focusing on orchestra, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go and hit 100 softballs tomorrow.”

We wish you both well Seniors! Good luck!