Ready, Set, Play

SHS Video Game Club

Ready, Set, Play

Maddy Pena, Reporter

If you like kicking butt as Lui-Kang or slicing heads like Katana, The Video Game Club is the place for you. The Video Game Club is the newest all-inclusive club at Sahuaro held in Room 200 every Thursday after school by new teacher, Mr. Smith who stated, “My main hope for the future of the club is that the students step up.” He wants to have very minimal involvement in it, so that is can be student run. The club is filled to the brim with excited gamers who have great ideas on how to include everyone whether you’re thug level in GTA (Grand Theft Auto) or an ultimate contender in Street Fighter.

The Video Game Club’s main objective is to have a sort of haven for gamers, but also to involve the school in video game activities such as, “paid entry tournaments with a prize for the winner” said the club president Carlos Caprillo. Psychology Today wrote an article saying that playing video games in groups such as a club can be more beneficial than playing isolated because being in a group of like-minded people can prevent depression and violent tendencies.

Not only do the members of Video Game Club play video games, they also plan various events for the school and talk about things going on in the video game community such as new games, developments and updates with already existing games. They are also interested in video game tournaments going on around the world.

There has been lots of controversy going on in the video game world recently with the types of games children should be playing, censorship in already existing games and the number of video games people are playing. A statistic by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) said that 58% of Americans play video games. The video game industry averages at about 70 billion dollars a year and the average price of a video game console can be around 200-400 dollars. This makes it very hard for the average person to buy their own gaming system, that’s why video game club is so beneficial for people of all types of backgrounds.

The Video Game Club officers are:

President: Carlos Caprillo

Vice President: Jophet Boubeko

Secretary: Genevieve Hope

Treasurer: Dashawn Butler