Sahuaro’s CCI Class Makes Handcrafted Ornaments


Alex Herman, Sports Recorder

We all have gone out and just picked out our own ornaments for the Christmas tree, but have you ever self made your own special ornaments? That is what the college and career students did in Ms. Olstad’s class!

Laser printer doing its magic

The students first began by designing what they wanted to put on their ornaments on the computers. They put names, slogans, drawings, pictures of themselves, etc. on a word document. After putting it on a word document they would “upload their AI file to the computer and then it connects to the laser printer and it prints it on whatever material you used,” says Senior Marina Barbosa. After they saved it, they sent it to the print, which usually takes around 3-5 minutes, depending on how big their design was. They then began to cut out their designs in a circle.

Slit letter monogram

They didn’t just make ornaments, they also made key chains…cool right? After making their ornaments, the students decided to give it to any teacher they chose to gift! Another cool thing that a few students made were slit letter monograms. They were made the same way the ornaments were made. Ms. Olstad explained how they are basically “pieces of a letter that you put together to make one big letter!”