The Addams Family

Sahuaro’s Newest Musical


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

Love all things dark and grim? Do you get excited the moment that you smell blood? Then you should definitely consider coming to see The Addams Family Musical. Even if you don’t, you should still go! Sahuaro Fine Arts department is hosting this show, and it looks amazing so far. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into these intricate shows, and here’s a little look behind the scenes.

Seniors working on publicity for The Addams Family!

There are four main components when it comes to these huge productions: they are cast, ensemble, staff and tech. Each and every part works on the show in their own ways to make sure that it can be as successful as possible. The cast has to ensure that there is good chemistry on the stage and not too much awkward tension. “Caleb (Pendleton, senior playing Gomez) and I have really good chemistry… We both understand that this is for acting and we both understand its for a role,” says senior Taylor Formantes, playing the role of Morticia.

Senior Trinity Brandenburg is proud, “Just to see the work that its been taking to put this all together and make sure that everybody is safe in the process,” Head tech are people who work for any type of tech (hair, makeup, set construction, etc…)  The set is constructed entirely by students and parent volunteers. The entire show is basically ran by students with the help of stage hands and stage managers. These extremely important people make sure that the cast knows their lines, that sets are changed, and that everyone is on stage when needed.

“Performing… like, actual show night, especially hell week (the week before show night with full costumes and makeup) I’m excited for. To see how everyone prepared and evolved for the performance,” says senior Caleb Pendleton. Everybody who has been working hard for this show is excited to see how everything goes each show night. “The audience reaction, that’s always my favorite part… hearing that first laugh is the best part,” says Senior Sergio Romero.