Register for AP Tests by November 6th


Krystal Orehek, Reporter

Any students currently enrolled in an AP class at Sahuaro have the option to take the AP test offered by College Board that corresponds with the class. You have the opportunity to earn college credits for the class depending on what school you go to and what score you get on the test. It is unknown at this point whether the tests will be administered in-person or online, and due to uncertainties of the times, if you change your mind about the test come spring you will be able to cancel and not test without facing a fee.

Each test is $95 with a deposit of $25 that will be charged to your student account, the total amount being due by February 19th, 2021. You may apply for a fee waiver and if you qualify, the test will be free.

On the form, you should select all of the classes you will take tests for rather than submitting a different form per test. You must register for the tests by November 6th by using the following link: Sahuaro High School Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Registration.

If you have any questions, you can ask your AP teachers or email Ms. Krause at [email protected]