Orlando In Tucson?


Marlisa Gallardo, Reporter

Winning second-team district in Delaware and ranked 7th in the state for quarterbacks before being transferred to Sahuaro is… Vincenzo “Vinny” Antonio Orlando.  Vinny was born in Tucson, then moved to Delaware before middle school started.  When asked when he started his interest in football he mentioned, “I have been playing football since the 5th grade and my cousin really inspired me.”

Balancing football and his academics, Vinny is not only determined on the field, but also in the classroom. He is determined and always on top of his work, “I go to school, do my work, and I do not push it behind, so I don’t have homework when I get home from practice, and if I happen to have homework after practice, I make sure I do it when getting home.”  If Vinny is not playing football and not doing homework, he enjoys working out and spending time with his family.

Playing as Sahuaro’s varsity quarterback, he explained: “Being a quarterback is a love-hate relationship. You get blamed for everything, you kind of have to deal with that adversity, deal with getting yelled at by everyone, so it truly is a love-hate relationship.”  Vinny has been welcomed with open arms by the football team and loves the bond the team has. He hopes that this season will go well, that no one gets hurt, and to go a long way in the playoffs.

After High school, Vincenzo wants to become a Longhorn and play football for Texas University.  Vinny says: “When I get into Texas University I want to continue playing my quarterback position.”