Senior Spotlight: Michael Maley


Tayton Schwartz Jr, Reporter

Introducing another of Sahauro’s seniors…Michael Maley. This 17-year-old is a chill, humble, and hardworking person who loves to help out in any way possible. He likes school, hanging out with his girlfriend, and going around town to do things. He also enjoys traveling and playing video games. He says, “Math is by far one of my favorite subjects to work on, and in the future, I hope to go to college for aerospace engineering.”

In his years he has learned to,”…always pay attention. Try to have as few distractions as possible, such as friends, and especially your phone. Have friends that will push you to be your best and not bother you during class.”

He also told me, “My senior year is very easy. I finish all my work at school so I don’t have to worry about anything else when I leave school.”  Most of the time out of school, he goes to work for anywhere up to 7+ hours. “I don’t have much free time, but that’s okay because I get bored very easily when I’m not doing anything.”

His main goal is to finish high school with a high GPA. After that, he will go to college and take engineering classes. His main goal in life is to just make good money. He wants to find a job in aerospace engineering here at Raytheon.

Working hard pays off later. – Michael Maley