The Hidden Artist: Ivan Rubio


Neela Luna, Reporter

You’ve seen most of the artists around Sahuaro – in the art rooms and out at both lunches, but there is one who seemingly no one has noticed. Ivan Rubio started his art when he was in the fifth grade, but his work was on and off. He would start and then stop again for about a month or two. His work is mainly graffiti and fonts, saying, “Graffiti is looked down upon a lot because of how it is used and the kind of people that do it.”

He, on the other hand, likes to think of graffiti as just as artistic as any other style of art. Ivan says graffiti is a great way to display art if it is drawn by the right person and not in an alleyway. Art helps him think, “It gets me away from life.” Just drawing in general makes him forget about everything. His biggest inspiration for his art is his girlfriend Jazmen, “But before I met her it was just me.” He thinks art is something people should get more into because it’s a way to see if you like something or not. Art means a lot to him because it is something that he loves to do; it gets him away from the world and in the moment.

He gets inspiration from seeing another drawing on the sidewalks or on the back of a train car, “It makes me want to try and do the exact style, if not better.” He never really has something that motivates him to start creating, he just gets the thought and starts to do it. When asked if his emotions affect his work, he said, “I don’t really let it, but when it does I’ll stay away from everyone and anything. I’ll just graffiti in my sketchbook until my hand hurts.” His artwork is something that is important to him and he tries to do his best.  Ivan tends to try all styles when he’s working, and some days it can take him 45 minutes or a couple of days, it depends on the work. He never judges an artist’s paintings. His work represents his past and his lifestyle, it shows who he is.