Taking The Next Step


James Force, Sports Editor

With the year coming to an end, a new beginning is starting for two seniors here at Sahuaro. Myles McAllister and Vinnie Manata are both being signed to go play their respective sports in college.

Myles is signing at York University in York, Nebraska. Myles said, “It means a lot to me to sign because I have dreamed about this since I was a little kid…It took a lot of work for me to get this opportunity and I am very fortunate.” Myles’ family was also really excited for him. Myles said, “My family was excited, especially my brother because he plays soccer at York University…My biggest inspiration was my dad, he pushed me to go workout and play with all my heart.” While the family’s reaction is important, Myles also said he was, “…really excited to go to York University and start a new chapter in my life.”

The other man who got signed was Vinnie Manata. He is signing at the University of La Verne. He said, “Signing meant the world to me. It was one of the best days of my life. I am so blessed to be able to get an education at a school that I feel fits me well, and on top of that, play a sport I love for four more years.”  He also said that the signing process was, “…pretty simple. I went on the visit and toured the campus. Afterward, Coach gave me my letter of intent and I signed back at the hotel.” Family being important to everyone, he said, “My parents and my sister were with me on the great day. They were so proud of me and they couldn’t stop saying it. My mom had tears in her eyes and my dad was just so proud. I’m glad I could make them proud.” Now, Vinnie isn’t just a football player. He spoke on his inspiration and his start-up to football saying, “Believe it or not, I started off playing baseball and basketball. It was when I moved to Tucson that I started playing football. One day I just got an urge to play, so I went and played. The first year I tried to play you had to be a certain weight to play, which I was over. That year my coach asked me to be the waterboy. If it wasn’t for him asking me to do that I probably wouldn’t be playing today. I was then able to play the following year and I’ve played up until now.”

After all the work these athletes put into the games they love, they deserve every bit of what they are getting. They were great in high school and now they’ll be great in college.