Artist Spotlight: Bernadette Cañez


Mekayla Phan, Features Editor

Bernadette Cañez has always had a great love for drawing, ever since her little hand could hold a pen to paper. “When I was in preschool there was a table with a bunch of paper, and I would be one – the kid – who would pick up a pencil and start randomly drawing. So, basically from preschool, ever since I could remember…” the senior AP Art student says.

However, she says that one particular art project has impacted her the most in realizing this passion of hers.

bernie-treeCañez estimates that she was probably around six years old at the time, maybe in the first grade… “I had gotten a piece of watercolor paper, and then just started painting a tree. I was like, ‘Wow! This is pretty cool?'” And as seen in picture on the left, she has kept it ever since.

Nobody really taught her how to draw, almost all of her talent was self-taught. But she says that her art is inspired by many other artists and their works. One of the main influences for her is God.

bernie-cCañez usually focuses on drawing people, because they are easier subjects for her. She describes her art style as one that “gravitates towards to realism.” She is sometimes afraid to copy too closely with the reference pictures, and so she tries to always add her “own frill to it”, often a touch of fantasy into her works.

She says that every time she finishes a good art piece, she would stare at it for hours – analyzing every detail and giving herself positive criticism. She still wants to improve more with painting textures and tones. It always challenges her when a picture doesn’t turn out the way she likes.

bernie-houseIn the future she wants to become an interior designer, because she enjoys the planning and the art aspects that the career offers.  “Why I do art? I don’t know… It’s a part of me. I don’t remember a day where I stopped doing art. It has always been there, and will always be there,” Cañez smiles.