Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Aint No Mountain High Enough

Danielle Mahler, Reporter

“It is not the height, it is the fall that gets you,” former MSAT (Missile Systems Analyst Technician), scientist, engineer, and Sahuaro’s current Honors Geometry teacher says. Dean Andrew Keller has been teaching for a total of twenty-eight years, the last three here at Sahuaro High School. He’s been a rock climbing hobbyist for more than forty-five years. Mr. Keller has been climbing all over the Northern Hemisphere. For example, he has climbed the Catalina Mountains, the Rincon Mountains, the White Mountains, The Santa Rita Mountains, the Baboquiveri Mountains, and many more! One of the tallest mountains he’s conquered was Mt. McKinley, is Alaska. “Try it, you’ll like it!” Dean Keller says encouragingly.

“I almost let go, it was so beautiful. Sometimes climbing makes you feel physically exhausted, but has some incredible rewards!” former jazz band, choir, and Sahuaro’s current orchestra and guitar teacher says. Ken Marrs has been teaching for sixteen years, twelve of those with Sahuaro. He’s been rock climbing for seventeen years now. Mr. Marrs has climbed all over the U.S. For example, he’s has climbed Mt. Lemmon, The Dragoon Mountains, the Yosemite Mountains, many Utah National Parks, and several places near flagstaff. A tip Mr. Marrs has for rock climbing beginners is to go climbing with patient, and safe people. “Who you climb with will determine whether or not you have fun,” he says.