Election Night Party


Max Becker, Sports Editor

On Tuesday, November 8th, Mrs. De Pugh hosted an Election Night party at Sahuaro. Approximately 20 students gathered in room 232 from 6:00-9:00 PM, and enjoyed eating pizza, playing games, and of course, watching the results of the election unfold in real time.

Election Day is held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November. While this may seem like an odd rule, 2016 was a perfect example of why this system was put in place. Halloween fell on a Monday this year, and our forefathers were concerned that people would still be feeling the effects of the previous nights celebrations, and as a result possibly not go out and vote.

While people are free to vote early, Election Day is when all states open their polls, and states are won for either the Democratic party or Republican party (or on rare occasions, a third-party). When a state is determined Republican or Democratic, dependent on the popular vote, the Presidential candidate for the corresponding party is awarded the Electoral Votes for that state. The number of Electoral Votes varies from state-to-state, and is based on population. This election, Arizona ended up a Republican state.

Giselle Enriquez, Student Body Vice-President and President/Founder of the Political-Science Club at Sahuaro, said “It was a lot of fun! It was nice seeing people of differing political affiliations all coming together and watching the conclusion of this year’s wild election.”

Because the Election ran so late into the night, unfortunately the results were not announced before the conclusion of the party. However, we would still like to thank Mrs. Depugh for hosting a fantastic event where those interested could feel safe in sharing their political hopes and opinions.