Site Council Minutes for 11/15/2016

Site Council Minutes for 11/15/2016

Date: November 15, 2016 Location: Room 207
Time: 4:04 – 4:45 pm
Certified Representatives:
Eva Lange
Lisa Mooney (Ashton Hartman sub)
Stephen Long
Michael Halfmann

Student Representatives:
Camila Ibarra
Giselle Enriquez

Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Christina Hernandez (absent)
Craig Courville (absent)
Nelson Brown (absent)

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich

Community Representative:
Darryl Day

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley (absent)
Call to the Audience: No call to audience.
Action Items:
1. October meeting minutes approved by Mr. Halfmann, 2nd by Mr. Long

Discussion Items:
1. Faculty Items
a. Update on School News – see
According to Site Council Constitution and By-laws, if a member misses 3 meetings, they may be replaced in order to meet quorum. Due to a personal issue, parent Christina Hernandez has been unable to attend. Another parent that is interested will be asked to replace her.
b. Kiosks around school – the kiosks in the upper and lower 200 had not been updated since May. Finance Manager, Lori Emrich has taken over. She is awaiting a “key” from the company who owns them in order to re-activate the on-line capabilities. It was ordered over a week ago. She can update daily and will accept requests from all staff. Events, photos (jpeg), and live surveys can be uploaded. More information will be forthcoming from Lori when it is fully operational.
2. Principal report
a. Future freshman night was 11/15. Without Open Enrollment (OE), SHS would probably have about 1,200 students. OE closes on 12/16. SHS and Tucson High have a lottery because of popularity. A mailing went out about 3 weeks ago, promoting the event.
b. We have a projected goal of 500 freshmen. There is a 4% attrition rate. Funding usually has come on 100th day, now we are looked at monthly as Synergy is more compatible.
c. November – December, teachers should advertise their electives. At the end of January, students will make selections to build 2017-2018 master schedules. February 7th will be the 1st job fair, held at Catalina HS, so that we can recruit staff from predicted needs.
d. The internal review for accreditation is now through December. The external review – how we look from the outside – will begin in February. We have a staff of 85 (14 new, 7 due to growth of enrollment).
e. Thursday, 6pm is the Unplugged Red vs Blue talent show.
3. Parent report
a. March 8 – Save the Date for Costco night. SHS will team up with Gridley, Soleng Tom, and Gale. It is an all-day event. Maria will collect wish lists in January. Info will go in the December mailing.
4. Student Council report
a. December 9 is Winter Formal at the JCC. Tickets are currently on sale.
b. A committee for the kiosks has been formed so they can add school news.
c. StuCo is looking to start a competition with Sabino for Toys for Tots Program.
d. Over 2,500 lbs (a ton!) of food was collected through homerooms during food drive.
5. Community report
a. Mr. Day stated that he and his son (SHS 2016 grad) went to several Future Freshman Nights and selected Sahuaro due to (the assistant principal at the time) Mr. Estrella’s enthusiasm for the school. He said it was a reflection of the school environment. Mr. Estrella wanted to be sure that this was included in the minutes 
Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be December 13, 2016.