Six Chandler Students Arrested in Hazing Case

Six Chandler Students Arrested in Hazing Case

Yusuf Rahman, News Editor

On March 29, six Hamilton High football students were arrested for various crimes, and three were pressed with charges. The crimes included sexual assault, molestation, and aggravated assault. All six were arrested under hazing allegations, which Arizona defines as any “intentional, knowing, or reckless act.”

17 year old Nathaniel William Thomas, one of the three who was charged, is being tried as an adult. He is currently under custody of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Nathaniel was charged with a series of felonies against 3 victims, and his offenses included multiple counts of molestation, kidnapping and aggravated assault. He is awaiting for his court hearing without any bond. The other two are being charged as juveniles rather than adults, and both are 16 years old. Due to privacy concerns and the fact that they are juveniles, nothing has been publicly stated about them specifically.

For the other three who were only arrested, two have been released from custody. Although police had probable cause to charge them, they were recommended not to. Another person involved was 15 years old, Chandler police and prosecutors are currently investigating his role.

Source: AZCentral