The Music Man Mr. Bertoglio


Balee Brown, Reporter

“Just a suggestion… if you want to hear pretty much all of my song list just go to Pandora, click on John Denver Radio and listen. Nearly every song they play there is on my song list. Cheers!” Sahuaro’s very own, Mr. Bertoglio, leads a double life. As a jack of all trades, Mr. Bertoglio spends his days teaching students words like, “hola,” and “adios,” and his afternoons playing folk music for events. He keeps his fans updated on his Facebook page about all his local concerts. Under the stage name “Dave Higgins,” Mr. Bertoglio plays and sings live at local Tucson venues,  honoring greats such as James Taylor, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, Neil Young, and more.

Young Bertoglio became infatuated with The Beatles at 10 years old, listening and jamming out to all his favorite tunes. The instrument he decided to dedicate himself to was the classic guitar. In elementary school, he first started his endeavors with the violin, because it was just like a guitar. (Just a little smaller.) In fact he was given a second hand guitar when he was 13, and started teaching himself how to play the strings. After he turned 16, his career took off and he started playing on stage and singing everywhere. At the time, he played 70’s music, and years later when he moved to Phoenix, he joined in with a couple of friends and started a band.

The group was called Nice Guys and Neck Ties. Later they expanded the group to a 5-guy band and played music from the 70’s. They varied playing in different events such as parties, resorts, and wedding receptions. In 1991, he moved to Tucson and started a country band. However, it didn’t last and in about less than a year, he formed a western trio with his wife’s cousin and recorded 3 CD’s. They performed at festivals and local events playing cowboy music. He did not consider it country music, as he called the genre  American Life of Cowboys. They have been together for 20 years, and still play, but not as much as they used to. Four years ago, Bertoglio started performing as a single act called Dave Higgins Presents 70’s Troubadours. He plays at 4th avenue events and also private parties.  Check out his Facebook page Dave Higgins Presents to discover more about Mr. Bertoglio’s versatile life.