New “No-Hands” Cellphone Law in Effect in Tucson


Max Becker, Sports Editor

Beginning on May 1st, new laws regarding driving while being on a cellphone will come into effect in Tucson, Arizona.

Under the new rules, it is unlawful to be on a cellular device while driving at all times. The law instates a $250 fine for the first offense, with the rates doubling to $500 for a second. The minimum fine for a person involved in a car accident while operating a cell phone is set at $2,500.

It will be considered a secondary offense, meaning a driver must be pulled over for breaking a different law (ie; speeding, not wearing a seatbelt) in order for the police to cite them for using a cell phone.

There are some exceptions to the law, including using a hands-free device and dialing emergency services while driving.