Best of Class of 2017 – Boys


Giselle Enriquez, Editor-In-Chief

Best Hair – Ivan Hostetler

What is your favorite hair style? Fade the sides, flip the top up. Hollister Model look. Who is your celebrity hair style inspiration? Hunter Hayes What is the craziest hair style that you have ever worn? Joe Dirt Mullet What products do you use in your hair (What is your styling routine)? A magician never reveals his secrets.

Best Smile-Austin McDaniel

What makes you smile? All of the dumb things my friends and I do. Who makes you smile the most and why? All the people who voted for me. Where do you go to the dentist? Too many places. What toothpaste brand do you use? Well, they don’t call it toothpaste. Do you floss? How often? Anytime there is a rope around.

Best Ride-Chris Rico

What kind of car do you own? Camaro  How/ from where did you get your car? Texas Does your car have a name if so what? Kate What is your dream car? Camaro
What would be the ultimate road trip in your ride? From California to New York

Best Couple-Justin Barnett & Crystal Kruse

When and where did you meet your significant other? At lunch in January 2016. Who has the better hair? Me for sure   Do you have a nickname for the other? What is it?  Shrimp  Who wears the pants in the relationship? Me! If a millionaire offered you $1 million to go on a date with your significant other, would you go for it? Yes

Most Likely to Be Famous-Terrence Moore

What is your biggest talent? Skateboarding. What is something you’d need to improve before you hit the big screen? My skateboarding skills.  Who is your favorite celebrity? Why? Morgan Freeman because he is a God.  Who is your celebrity look-alike? Me. What do you want to be most known for? Being friendly.


Most Outgoing-Rashad Stevenson

Have you suffered from shyness or anxiety? If so, how have you learned to cope with it? Absolutely. I am a very shy person. I have overcome this by having the thrill of making people laugh. Do you enjoy presenting? If yes, what advice would you give to others who dislike it? I do not enjoy presenting. I do however enjoy entertaining and bettering people’s days.
What advice would you give someone who is shy and doesn’t do well in large groups? Be yourself and surround yourself with people you can grow and better yourself with.
What do most people not know about you?I got suspended from elementary school for asking for the address for the Black Santa.

Best dressed-Eric Enaligo

Where do you buy your clothes? I mainly shop at H&M and Gap, and when I’m traveling, GQ Mensware and Milano’s Men’s clothing. What is your favorite brand or style? For suits, Calvin Klein because the fit is slimming. For everyday wear, I enjoy a tee from H&M and jeans from Old Navy. What trends do you love? Which do you hate? I’m going to start with trends – I hate sagging, men’s bell bottoms, frosted tips, shorts and crew socks (because the tan is horrendous) and PJ’s in public. Trends I do like are torn clothes, grunge rock and a casual look. What is the ugliest piece of clothing you own? I have none because I only buy the clothes I love. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? It takes me about an hour since I usually go through multiple outfits trying to figure out what style I want to wear for the day.


Most school spirit-Danny Lockhead

How do you express your school spirit? Being loud and participating in every school spirit week and student section. What is the craziest thing you’ve worn for spirit week? Jean shorts, a cut-off flannel, a mullet wig, trucker hat, and flip flops What do you wish could have been included in spirit week?  A day dedicated to Canadian folklore. What do you love the most about Sahuaro? The beautiful people.

Most well known on campus -Tyler Wood

What makes you so known throughout the school? I get along with everyone  How many people do you greet or to talk to in the hallway everyday? More than I can count. What do you think is the first thing that comes to mind when people hear your name? A fun and outgoing guy.  What actor/actress would play you in a movie? Channing Tatum What do you like the best about your personality? That I can get along with any kind of person.

Most athletic-Brendan Gary

What sports were you involved in and how long have you been playing each sport? I was involved with basketball and volleyball. I’ve played basketball since 3rd grade, and I’ve played volleyball since 6th grade. What is your favorite sports team?  U of A Basketball What is your best sports-related memory?  Getting a bang out (dunk) at McKale Center.  What has been your worst injury while doing a sport? Tendinitis in ankle and knees. Nothing major.

Prettiest Eyes-Jace Harnett

Who do you get your eyes from? They switch from blue to green.The blue is from my dad’s family and the green is from my mom’s. Are your siblings or friends jealous of your eyes? Yeah,they get lost in them from time to time. What do you like about your eyes? Yeah, I guess. I can’t really see them What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your eyes? People have stopped me mid conversation to tell me I have beautiful eyes. If you completely lost your vision,what would you miss seeing most? Everything

Most likely to succeed – Jacob Adams

Who is your biggest inspiration?  Mark Chandler What is the one thing you wish you were better at? Ping-Pong  What career path do you intend to follow?  I’m trying to get drafted  Do you think you’ll ever be as successful as Donald Trump? If I’m President someday, we’re screwed  Now that the pressure to be successful is upon you, what will you tell people at your ten-year reunion if you’re not successful?  Prison is a dark place.

Funniest-Steven Cahoon

Tell us the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? I’ve sh** my pants a few different times in the past four years.  What is the funniest joke you have ever told? I have early stage mad cow disease. That’s when you’re not mad yet but you look like a cow. What is the best prank you have pulled on a person or had pulled on you? I woke up with a hotdog in my mouth and bit it, so don’t try anything.  Who is your favorite comedian and why?  Dave Chapelle because we look the same.

Most likely to become POTUS – Ryan Depugh

What would be your campaign slogan? Giving America back to the people. If you had to pick a Sahuaro student for a running mate, who would it be?  Hailey Ward  If you were to be impeached, what do you think would be the cause?   Illegal connections to Wall Street. What is great about America already?  The people, the states, and the patriotism.

Best artist – Marsay Turner

 Who/ What inspires you most?  Anything with detail What original piece are you most proud of and why? My original design for the Vans custom culture contest. If you were commissioned to create a great piece of art, what would you make? What medium would you use? And where would you want it displayed? I never know exactly what I’m going to make until I start. Any type of markers would be my medium. Anywhere where others can use it.

Best thespian-Michael Accurso

What is your favorite movie or play? Why?  Some of my favorite movies include Clue, Spaceballs, and The Witch. Do you ever get stage fright? If so, how do you cope with it?  I get nervous right before I go on, but then it goes away.  What has been your favorite role that you’ve played? Why? Detective Bud Frazer. His stupidity and outrageous humor really brings me out on stage. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Why?  Kendall Jenner is in that Pepsi commercial. She really moved me.  What celebrity scandal would you most likely be involved in later in life?  Killing my wife and my best friend.

Best friends-Devan Gary & Danny Lochhead

Devan Gary

When and how did you meet? Mr. Lane’s Spanish 3/4, sophomore year. What’s your favorite/ least favorite thing about each other? My favorite thing about Danny is he’s hot, and small, and doesn’t care about what others think. My least favorite thing is that he has bigger arms than me. #swolemates #fabreezebrothers What do you think your life would be like if you two hadn’t met? I wouldn’t know what bro love is and the idea of a bromance would be weaker without him. We went to Narnia together.  If you two were in a movie who would play what? Stepbrothers- Brendan-(Will Ferrell)  Neighbors- Dave Franco  Do you think you’ll be friends forever? Obviously, because were bro-dependent If you two were stuck on a deserted island who would survive and who would go crazy? We’d both go crazy, the island couldn’t survive us.

Danny Lochhead

When and how did you meet? Mr. Lane’s Spanish 3/4, sophomore year. What’s your favorite/ least favorite thing about each other? My favorite thing about Devan is he is hot, swole, and doesn’t give a hoot. Least favorite? Well, nothing. I’m jealous of his calves though. #swolemates #fabreezebrothers What do you think your life would be like if you two hadn’t met? I would’ve never known the sheer strength and bromatic love, nor discovered Narnia.  If you two were in a movie who would play what? Step Brothers: Me-Dale and Dev-Brennan. Neighbors: Me-Zac Effron and Dev-Dave Franco Do you think you’ll be friends forever? Obviously, because we’re bro-dependent If you two were stuck on a deserted island who would survive and who would go crazy? We’d both go crazy, we’re already crazy…

Best laugh-Frankie Jimenez

 What makes you laugh?  My goofy friends and when I’m geeked.  What is the funniest joke you know? Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I’m not a banana.  How would you describe your laugh? Loud and deep.  Do you think your laugh is better or worse than Chanel West Coast’s? I think mine is a lot better because people don’t think mine is annoying.

Best snapchat stories-Gage Goodman

What snapchat picture are you most proud of? A picture of our senior class at a party What did you get the most responses for on your story? Kids from my work doing goofy stuff  Whose story do you enjoy watching the most? All of them! (Tyreke)

Most involved-Devan Gary

What clubs and activities have you been involved in at school? Boys Basketball, Student Council, spirit week, assembly MC, student section leader What has been your favorite activity/event? Basketball season. Getting Buckets. #Fundamental #Studentathlete Is there anything you didn’t do that you wish you would have? Boys Volleyball…again. #TEAM-FROSH Is there anything you were involved in that you wished you hadn’t been? Nothing, NO REGRETS

Best musician-Brannon Watters

What instrument(s) do you play?  I play drums. Who gave you your first instrument and what was it?  I’ve played piano, but the first instrument I’ve ever owned is a drum set my parents gave me. I’ve had it since after 6th grade.   How often do you practice? About twice a week for an hour. What is the worst part of playing it? The worst part is the nerves right before I start to play in front of people. Who is your all-time favorite musician and why? Kanye West because he is my lord and savior Yeezus. He’s the goat.

Best nickname- Dylan Lundgren

What is your nickname?  Fluffy.  Do you like your nickname?  Yes, I’ve had it since 6th grade.  What is the story behind your nickname?  I got my nickname because there was a comedian whose name was Fluffy. Everyone saw it and started calling me it and it stuck.

Biggest heart-Armando Valencia

What is the kindest thing you have done for someone? Wingman for Chris Rico What are daily acts of kindness you do? I always say good morning to everybody. What is the meanest thing you have ever done to someone? Gave them a compliment? Other than you, who do you think has the biggest heart? Jerry Gerardo

Most likely to own their own restaurant-Jose Rodriguez

Where is your favorite place to eat? Mama Louisa’s  What kind of restaurant would you want to own? What kind of food would you serve? An Italian restaurant. I’ll serve pasta and other Italianness.  What would be the theme? Would it be modern or retro?  An Italian culture theme, more modern.  Where would you want to have your restaurant?  Downtown or in Las Vegas.  What is the grossest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?  A deep fried ham sandwich served with jam.

Most likely to respect women -Sergio Molina, Deshawn Gill & Rashad Stevenson

Sergio Molina

Who taught you the most about how to show respect to women?  My mother  What women do you respect the most and how do you show it?  All women deserve respect. A compliment a day is all someone needs. Spread your knowledge.What do you think guys your age should know about respect?  All women deserve respect.

Deshawn Gill

 Who taught you the most about how to show respect to women?A: My mom, dad, and brother have played the biggest roles in teaching  me to respect women.  What woman do you respect the most and how do you show it?  First and most importantly I respect my mother. But the answer in reality is all women. Wake up and respect women in every way.  Spread your knowledge.What do you think guys your age should know about respect?  Men my age need to let go of their pride. Too many men are going out and letting their pride get in the way of respect.

Rashad Stevenson

Who taught you the most about how to show respect to women? My mommy What woman do you respect the most and how do you show it?  All women, I believe all women not only need to be respected, but deserve to be. Spread your knowledge. What do you think guys your age should know about respect?  That all women deserve it.