Let’s Give it a Shot


    Hundreds and thousands of people die every year from guns. Some political figures are pushing for gun control in the U.S. It’s a struggle because there are really compelling arguments on both sides of this verbal war. Death rates are rising in the United States to guns, whether it’s suicide or murder. There are about 270,000,000 guns in the U.S and 22% of Americans own two or more of them. Although the Second Amendment says “you have the right to bear arms”, it doesn’t say you have the right to kill anyone you please. Owning a gun isn’t illegal but committing murder is. Riots are breaking out all over the country because citizens are being killed.

    Americans should use guns as self-defense, not for spraying rounds whenever you want. There were about 464,033 total gun related deaths between 1999 and 2013; 270,237 of them were suicides, 58% of total deaths. Guns are rarely used for self-defense. Of the 29,618,300 crimes committed, 235,700 of them were protecting themselves. I understand that you want to protect yourself and your family, but do you think 13- year-old children are causing so much trouble walking home from school?

    Innocent children are dying because of guns. The bigger the city, the more gun violence it is. As an example, Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country. Another place with a high murder rates is Detroit. People who have guns need to protect them. If you agree with the Second Amendment, then you have to act right with the responsibility that comes with it. More background checks are needed if there aren’t enough gun laws in place. Make sure that the gun has a clean slate. If a person sells a gun to someone else, he or she doesn’t know what that person does for a living or what they will do with the gun. How many more adults and children must die before the government passes stricter gun laws? Come on people, have an open mind and keep this country safe from the inside.