New German Trend: Swim to Work, Avoid Traffic


Avery Miller, Contributor

Ditching the hassle of the city and going a new route to work. A new trend has been popping up all over Munich, Germany where citizens have been swimming to work.

Benjamin David, a local, started the trend which grew to over 30 followers. “It’s beautifully refreshing and also the fastest way,” David spilled to the news reporter. Every morning he packs up his laptop and other belongings in a waterproof backpack, puts on his wetsuit, and is on his way to the River Izar for his morning swim.

After a few weeks, David noticed another citizen in the river, while swimming on his way to work. Over the next few weeks more and more people joined him on his swim. This new trend has been going on for a few months and is now a normal sight in the bustling city.

“Oftentimes in foreign countries, transportation isn’t reliable, so citizens put on their wet suit and pack their things in a waterproof backpack,” David explained.

Walking to work or driving through the city can take employees a ridiculous amount of time to get to work, sometimes it can take up to an hour to make it through the awful traffic and narrow sidewalks. Taking public transportation can often get costly and people can’t afford it. Swimming to work not only is good exercise, but can take up to only 15 minutes. Although this is a good time- saver, the oceans or rivers can be very cold, sometimes as frigid as -4 degrees. In these frustrated citizen’s eyes, the cold is worth the time saved.