Texas Rebuilds and Reunites

Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Avery Miller, Cougart Co-Editor, Community Building Co- Editor

It is important to remember that after the storm, there is always a rainbow. Hurricane Harvey opened the floodgates on Texas, drenching them with 53 inches of rain in some places. The category four hurricane left 70 dead, hundreds injured, and millions without their homes and businesses.

President Trump is donating a total of 7.9 billion dollars to try and support the relief and rescue teams, but another estimated 180 billion will be needed to fully fix the city that has been drowned in water. Millions of donations have been received to help the victims of Harvey and many schools, churches, and organizations have been collecting goods from the communities around the country to support the victims of the Hurricane.

Luckily, the Texas community has come together in this natural disaster and neighbors, as well as strangers, have been looking out for one another. Multiple stories have been shared that members of the community have helped and given them relief from the water, whether it was something as simple as sharing a water bottle, saving the local dog, or giving them a lift from a stranded roof to a center for the victims.

It’s estimated that 100,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed by the ferocious storm. One victim stated, “That’s why our family and thousands of others still need prayers.” These people are definitely feeling the heat of financial distress. Not only are they questioning if their houses, belongings and pets have been washed away, but they are also plagued by the question: what is the next step in supporting my family?

The excessive amounts of water have soaked into the earth, evaporated, and found its way through drainage to the ocean. Families have returned to their homes and started to rebuild. This natural disaster has definitely done its part in destroying Texas, but citizens are not giving up and will fight to make the devastated areas better than ever.

Sahuaro students are able to do their part in providing relief. Donation boxes are in every homeroom and StuCo and Interact Club are collecting toiletries.

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