Horrifying Zombie Drug Strikes Brazil


Avery Miller , Cougart Co-Editor, Community Building Co-Editor

Fiction is now becoming a reality. A new drug called “Flakka” or “Cloud Nine” is turning everyday humans into zombie-like creatures. This drug is a stimulant similar to the makeup in bath salts and bath products. Except with a very different chemical makeup with even more lethal and serious side effects.

The side effects of this intense drug are increased heart rate, inclined emotions (mostly anger and frustration), and even, if enough is digested, life-like hallucinations. The user can even have cannibal-like tendencies, or lose its mind due to the intense damage it does to the brain.

Multiple sightings have been reported in Brazil on October 2nd, 2017. Other outbreaks have been sighted in Florida. These once humans are now acting like monsters, some videos were even showing the user bashing it’s head on a bus windshield. Another woman is shown in the back of a bus flailing its arms and screaming inarticulately. This is not only frighting sight for onlookers but can also be a major danger to them too. These users can even want to eat other humans, in fact like zombies.

The drug is being produced in China for $5 a dose. The drug looks pink or white and comes in pellets that can be mistaken for fish bowl pellets. Teenagers need to be aware of what’s out there…and so do parents.