New Drivers Getting Behind the Wheel

New Drivers Getting Behind the Wheel

Avery Miller , Cougart Co-Editor, Community Builder Co-Editor

Tucson streets are already pretty scary, so adding new drivers to the mix could make it a little more dangerous. Most sophomores are diving into the driver’s manual and getting out onto the streets. What tips do they have for when you’re preparing to get your permit and face the horror of driving with traffic for the first time?

Logan Omeara, sophomore, said that when you are taking the driver’s test, make sure to remain calm and focused. “Whatever you do, never hit the cones while making the three point turn; that is how you fail the test.” He now has his own car and is enjoying the freedoms of being able to drive any time he wants to get fast food.

Paula Valdes, sophomore, just received her permit and stated, “My worst experience while driving was getting stuck behind a car that had broken brake lights. I was on the edge of my seat more than I usually am.” She is hoping to get her license soon to finally be able to drive herself around.

Calvin Mueller, sophomore, has his license and spills, “The fact that I don’t have to ask my parents for a ride every time I want to go and hang out with friends, just the independence factor is something that I enjoy.”

Omar Felix, sophomore, just received his license and happily states, “I enjoy being able to drive myself home after practice and not causing an inconvenience for my family or siblings to pick me up. I can also go and pick up my friends to hang more frequently.”

They all gave some tips on how to pass the test on the first try. Omar said “If you go online to take some practice tests a few times, some of the questions are the same and you can understand the style of the tests.” Paula added. “If you pick up the free drivers text booklet, it has all of the questions. Many of my friends have taken the test or are preparing for the test so we can study together.”

In conclusion, the rush you get from driving is a huge hit among students that haven’t driven, and they encourage those that have a chance to get out and get their licence to do so.