Site Council Minutes – 12/12/2017

Site Council Minutes - 12/12/2017

Date: December 12, 2017 Location: Room 207 Time: 4:07 pm – 5:00pm

Certified Representatives: 
Eva Lange
Matthew Barany
Ashley Depugh
Michael Halfmann

Student Representatives:
Austin Molina (Isabel Brown)
Katelyn Kubly (Alanna Burke)

Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra (absent)
Sunshine Turner (absent)
Craig Courville (absent)
Nelson Brown

Classified Representatives:
Lori Emrich (absent)
Community Representative:
Darryl Day

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley

Call to the Audience: No call to audience.

Action Items:
1. Mr. Nelson motioned to approve minutes from November 14 meeting. Mr. Estrella 2nd. Ten in favor. Zero opposed.
2. Mr. Nelson motioned to approve $1500 for funds to support SARSEF. Mr. Estrella 2nd. Ten in favor. Zero opposed.

Discussion Items:
3. Request for traffic survey by Vicksburg parking lot (Traffic is heavy in this area from 7:30-8:10 am. Students pop out from parked cars, concern someone will be hurt) – Mr. Estrella will call. Statistically, Camino Seco is more of a concern. No accidents thus far on Vicksburg, but several fender benders, accidents with bicyclists, etc. on Vicksburg. Four years ago, a traffic study request was made for Camino Seco. Request made for fence on median and another crosswalk by the church gate. City does keep up with removing brush and debris from median. Takes many years for city to move forward.
Principal report
4. Update on usage of Remind app to report graffiti – admin joined Remind on 11/15. First report two days later. As of 12/6, seven photo messages. None since. Perhaps because custodial staff more aware and cleaning slurs, hate speech, derogatory comments on first sight. Admin will discuss opening up Remind to more groups (currently just StuCo and Paper Cut). Possibilities: NHS and Impact Club members.
5. Update on plan to minimize trash on campus as per last month’s suggestions – no word back yet from Mr. Cephers on idea presented last month to organize teams to participate in campus beautification. More presence on campus, modeling proper clean up behavior, taking care of personnel issues.
Congratulations: to Abi Nash for winning the Player of the Year honor for Volleyball; to Goddy Amon-Ra for receiving First Team All-Region honors; to our Girls and Boys Basketball teams. The girls won the Boyd Baker Tournament. The Boys were undefeated in their pre-season tournament in Sierra Vista; to our Advance Drama performers at the State Festival. Special congratulations to Tyler Petri who was one of eight students to win the $1,500 scholarship award. Congratulations to Macy Sigafus and Ivoy Bacy for earning a superior in their duo scene; to our Debate team for their performances in the Winter Trophy Tournament. Halley Hughes finished 4th places overall. Mason Carr was 5th place overall. Logan Smith had a strong performance earning 1st Place in the oratory and two 1st places in impromptu; boys badminton for winning the tournament; Robotics – will be holding first and only local Tucson tournament in February; one person graduating in December.
Security – We must take stronger measure to secure campus. We experienced a break-in on our cafeteria on Monday night. It is evident that the offenders entered through an unsecured door. Please keep all doors and gates secured, especially after school hours. We are focused on keeping the Service Drive gate secured. Deliveries can call the front office to have it opened. Teachers should continue to be outside classroom doors greeting students during passing periods. Sahuaro is closed over Winter Break – no business with exception of auto and few other teams meeting. The fire outside of Fine Arts (tree) was unintentional and person was identified. The tree will live.
Hall Pass Policy: Continue to follow our pass policy: Limit your passes; Only one student out at a time; No passes in the first and last ten minutes of the period; No passes during 4th period; Make sure students sign in and out; Monitor usage and time out of the room; No passes to the vending machine
Spam emails: Some staff cannot access their emails or synergy, so parents and students should be aware. This is due to viruses obtained from opening spam email, which appears to come from TUSD, but does not. It takes 3-5 weeks to fix. Several teachers cannot upload grades or receive emails. Parents wishing to contact a teacher may call the office and leave a message. There is a mandatory training for all teachers online.
Standardized Testing: 2nd Q benchmarks completed. AZ Merit – need discussions on how to make it more meaningful (important for letter grade – which, FYI – we are TIE with Sabino for 2nd place on points!)
Fundraiser for Press Box: January 30 at Chipotle. 50% of proceeds will go to the Press Box.
Parent report – none
Student Council report – JCC Winter Formal successful. Tickets sold at door for first time. 212 tickets sold (down by 50-100 students from previous years) About $750 profit. Working on same DJ for prom. January 26 – next assembly. Focus will be on Raising Awareness. Spirit week will highlight different medical issues each day (heart disease, DUI, mental illness, suicide prevention, etc.).
Holiday Spirit Week: Monday – hats and socks; Tuesday – Ugly sweater; Wednesday – Candy Cane; Thursday – moral pajama day.
Community report – Mr. Day suggested mid-year (school) reflection. This is his 3rd year in Site Council – expressed many positive things SC has done. Good time to embrace cultural festivities. He is looking forward to 2018.

Announcements: No conference the first week back from Winter Break. The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be February 13, 2018.