Tell Us How You Really Feel, President Trump

Tell Us How You Really Feel, President Trump

Jocelyn Reeder, Feature Editor

President Trump stated on Sunday that he is “not a racist” and denied that he used vulgarity to describe poorer countries, such as Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries. His remarks came into debate between key GOP and Democratic lawmakers, which turned poisonous as they debated whether Trump had referred to countries as “s***holes” in an Oval office meeting last week.

Senator Tom Cotton and David Perdue, who attended the meeting on Thursday at which Trump reportedly used a vulgar term, had previously stated that they could not remember if he had used such language. On Sunday, they outright denied he had said it. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who also attended the meeting, reported in a interview that she did not “recall him using that exact phrase” but acknowledged that Trump “did use and will continue to use strong language.” The White House did not dispute Trump’s use of vulgarity.

While vacationing in Florida, Trump spoke to reporters denying making the “s***hole countries” remark. “Nah, I’m not racist. I am the least racist person you have interviewed, that I can tell you.” Trump accused Democrats of spoiling a deal on immigration legislation and DACA. Democrats, Republicans, and Trump have been working on an immigration compromise. The remark Trump made vexed Republicans. “I think he is a racist. We have to stand out; we have to speak up and try not to sweep it under the rug,” said Republican John Lewis.

“It was hurtful, it’s harmful; it shouldn’t have been said. But let’s move on – don’t let it stop the whole procedure,” Senator Joe Manchin III stated.

Source: Washington Post