Newest Gerber Baby Has Extra Chromosome and Extra Cute Smile

Newest Gerber Baby Has Extra Chromosome and Extra Cute Smile

Avery Miller , Community Builder Co-Editor, Cougart Editor

The 2018 Gerber Baby has been crowned – Lucas Warren is the first baby with Down Syndrome to get awarded “Spokesbaby” and the name truly fits. Cortney Warren, Lucas’s mother, submitted a picture of baby Lucas in a polka dot bow-tie and a blue jacket, with the money maker – his big, open-mouthed grin. She heard of the contest from Lucas’ great-aunt who found out that Gerber had put out their annual call for adorable bunches of babies.

For eight years the Gerber company has been searching annually for the world’s cutest baby. The winner receives a reward of $50,000 dollars and is featured on the Gerber social media and page and in Gerber commercials throughout the year. This year, Gerber received 140,000 entries in the annual contest.

“Every year, we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber’s longstanding heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby,” said Bill Partyka, CEO and President of Gerber. “This year, Lucas is the perfect fit.” Gerber, a company founded in 1927, distributes baby food and formula. They are partnered with Nestle companies.

Once baby Lucas was crowned, parents with children that have Down Syndrome celebrated! A new light had been shed on people with Down Syndrome.

“In a puddle of tears over here…my mama heart is so so thankful…when Bodie was born I believed a lie, that others would not value him as much as I do. But, today is a new day. It is such a beautiful, good day,” wrote samanthajob on Instagram.

Instagram user nicki_bloms wrote: “As a mama currently carrying a cutie with an extra chromosome this made my day!!! Thank you Gerber!! ”

This year when you are watching tv or surfing the internet be sure and be on the lookout for baby Lucas the cutie with the contagious smile!