KFC Forced to Close Hundreds of Stores

KFC Forced to Close Hundreds of Stores

Samarah Peters, Freshman Liason

Why did the chicken cross the road?  Apparently, to get out of being served up at KFC in Britain.  Recently, the loved and delicious fast food restaurant,  KFC  has… run out of…chicken?!

A lot of people love the fast food chicken, and maybe a little too much. Britain, the largest European market for fast-food chicken, is the fifth-biggest market for KFC, representing about 6 percent of its roughly $24.5 billion in global sales last year. Kentucky Fried.  From the shortage of chicken,  800 and rising restaurants have been closed until further notice. No riots have happened yet, probably because they’re smarter than throwing a tantrum because of something the store cannot fix itself. Hopefully there are no riots. Now the hanger has deepened with knowing fact that 220 lbs of food was dumped on the side of the road recently.

This may be the end of Kentucky Fried chicken, because even now, more drama is settling around the disaster, even people comparing food to a Kpop band, and that set off even more people. The irony of KFC, of all places, struggling to provide chicken was not lost on its customers. “How can you be out of the one thing you are known for selling?!?” wrote Aurie Styla, a comedian from London, on Twitter.

Lets just say that Colonel Sanders is in some deep bucket, and hopefully he can get up.