Gr8 Fun Facts About Ben Davis


Meet physics and engineering teacher Ben Davis…

  1. I graduated from Duke University. Go Blue Devils! (:
  2. I served with AmeriCorps for one year. (It’s like the Peace Corps, but in America.  Google it!)
  3. I lived without electricity for three years on a reservation.
  4. I have chickens named Gertrude and Henrietta.
  5. The worst thing I got in trouble for when I was in high school was throwing a rotten apple from my yard through a bus window and giving a girl a black eye (an accident).
  6. If I could have anyone in the world as my teacher I would definitely pick the Dalai Lama because he is all about ‘being kind’ and compassionate towards others.
  7. If I wasn’t a teacher  right now I would be a trail builder because nature rocks!!
  8. I wrestled in high school.