Acosta Ban From The White House Overturned


Nathalia Valdez , Social Media & Communication

Fox and many others backed up CNN when Trump banned Jim Acosta from the White House. CNN placed a lawsuit, but Trump’s administrators went to court to defend themselves on their decision to remove Mr. Acosta’s credentials.  Trump’s administrators also stated that they have not violated the first amendment in any way because Mr. Acosta has “50 other CNN colleagues who have ‘hard passes’ to cover Trump.” The White House is saying that “the president has the power to pick which journalists are allowed to cover him. “

Acosta got into a shouting match with President Donald Trump about his decisions on the migrating caravan. He was told “that’s enough” by Trump and Acosta’s microphone was yanked by a White House intern.  In the act of getting it back to continue his questioning, it seemed he hit the intern accidentally, causing chaos. Hours later the press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders,  announced that Acosta’s  “hard pass” was suspended and that he no longer had access to White House grounds or would be allowed back on them. She also falsely accused Acosta of “placing his hands on a White House intern who had tried to take the microphone away during the news conference.”

A GIF was made and cropped too make it seem like Acosta hit the female intern on purpose, but the complete video of the conference shows that Acosta was simply trying to get hold of the microphone.

ON November 16, a judge ruled that he must be given his hard pass back until there is due process for it to be taken away.