Serial Killer Confesses to 90 Murders

Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

A 78-year old man has claimed he has killed at least 90 people throughout four decades. Samuel Little was first put in prison in the 1980’s for the murder of three women in Los Angles, California. When his name popped up in the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, he was more than willing to talk.  In all, Little confessed to about 90 murders in that interview and in others, with investigators having confirmed 34 of the confessed murders.

Little decided he wanted to be moved from California State Prison to Los Angles County. He named exact places where bodies could be found in exchange for the move, confessing in meticulous detail all murders he had been responsible for. Little’s confession provided very detailed descriptions of what he did, how he did it, when, and information about the victims he murdered. At the time, officers where trying to figure out other murders that had been happening all over states like Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Texas.

The FBI said. “He remembers where he was, and what car he was driving. He draws pictures of many of the women he killed. He is less reliable, however, when it comes to remembering dates.”

Most of the people Little targeted were women.  Most were either prostitutes or had some association with drugs, which is why Little was able to get away with so many killings. Once a competitive boxer, he usually stunned or knocked out his victims with powerful punches before he strangled them while performing sex acts.

“With no stab marks or bullet wounds, many of these deaths were not classified as homicides but attributed to drug overdoses, accidents, or natural causes,” the FBI said.

Little took Holland (the interviewer) all around the states, pointing out places he had committed the murders. Authorities in multiple states have already tied Little with 34 killings (not including the ones in California) already that have happened throughout 1970-2015. Little had been living a nomadic life since he dropped out of high-school, which is what made it easier for him to go around killing all these people. He would shoplift and steal to gather the money to buy alcohol and drugs, but he never stayed in one place for long.

“Little is unique in that modern day serial murderers rarely travel the distances he claims to have traversed and instead select vulnerable victims from their own communities,” Yaksic said, a co-director of Northeastern University Homicide Group. “This behavior, paired with his selection of vulnerable people, no doubt contributed to his longevity. Most serial killers in today’s society kill two or three victims and are caught within a few years.”

At the moment, Samuel Little is serving a life sentence in Texas. At least now, some closure is available

for those who have lost their lives in the hands of this cold blooded serial killer.