Choir’s Pop-sta Night Was A #1 Hit


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

The second annual pop-sta night was such a fun twist on the original choir concert fundraiser. The dinner was on Friday, November 30th in the cafeteria and it featured many solo acts from all levels of choir.  Some of the performances were more pop songs and others more holiday-ish. The best part in my opinion was when the overhead lights were turned off and only the Christmas lights were on. The advanced choir surrounded the crowd and sung Carol of the Bells. Trina Lopez, an 11th grade advanced choir member, said, “Everyone had a phenomenal performance and the crowd had a great attitude.”

The fruitcake song done towards the end of the night was an audience favorite. Everyone got a good laugh from the goofy dances paired with the fun song. Each section of a few people would sing their different part, paired with their dance, talking about the making of a fruitcake. Then, they would all come together and sing all their parts at the same time. It was really cute and fun to watch.

There was spaghetti served with a drink included with the ticket price of 10 dollars.  Everyone contributed with different pastas and sauces. 

The decorations were very pretty, there were candles on all the tables that were placed on mirrors. The colors were red and black. The stage looked elegant with a black background, white Christmas lights and a cut out moon.

The night was a smashing hit and will definitely help with choir expenses and sending some of them to Disneyland. Look for the choir’s next performance tomorrow, December 7th and the Winter Concert during school!