Divers Record Biggest Great White Shark So Far


Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communications

Named “Deep Blue”, the Great White was seen recently near the Hawaiian coast. The shark is estimated to be about 20 feet long and weighs up to 2 tons. It is the biggest Great White to be recorded, well almost, in 1930 allegedly a 37-foot-long shark was recorded.

Deep blue is estimated to be 50+ years of age. She was first documented 20 years ago while researchers were feeding tiger sharks. “I have a few friends that were out there,” Hutchinson told KHON2. “They were looking for tiger sharks so it was a fun surprise to see this big lady.” Looking a bit wider than last time, some people believe the shark is pregnant.

“She swam away escorted by two rough-toothed dolphins who danced around her

over to one of my…shark research vessels and proceeded to use it as a scratching post, passing up feeding for another need,” Ocean Ramsey, one of the divers, wrote in an Instagram post.