Dissecting A What……..?

Dissecting A What........?

Jocelyn Reeder, Editor-in-Chief

Most people when they hear the word “dissection” think of a frog or those videos of people dissecting grapes. On Monday, Ms. Trujillo’s 5th and 6th period classes got to dissect a sheep’s brain. In all honesty, it was really different from dissecting a frog or a grape.

The sheep’s brain was like a grey kind of color and had a really thick dura mater (the tough outermost membrane enveloping the brain and spinal cord). It was really hard to cut open to get to the actual brain. Once I got to the actual brain, it looked so weird but cool at the same time. The brain was squishy, had an oval shape, was juicy, and had many veins. A human brain and a sheep brain are basically the same, only a sheep’s brain is much smaller.

We had to cut the brain into the right and left hemispheres (cut in half) to actually see the different parts of the brain. It is so crazy how something that looks like a blob of Jell-o holds information, emotions, etc.  All of that sheep’s life was in that small little brain.

Nathalia Valdez, freshman, reported, “It was disgusting. It smelt pretty bad but honestly it was pretty cool.” Samantha Spaeth, senior, stated, “The smell was so bad, but it was really cool seeing a brain that was similar to the actual human brain. Although, dissecting a human brain would be really fun.”