Inspiring Artist: Trinity Vargas


jordan ford, Opinion Editor

Trinity’s water bottle art.

Painting and drawing is a very crazy and cool talent to have which many people have, but Trinity Vargas is different.  Trinity Vargas, a local junior here at Sahuaro High School, is an inspiring artist. This is Trinity’s second year here having moved here from Armarillo, Texas. She does small paintings just for fun, but she’s also in an art class this year. Trinity has been drawing and painting since a kid. “I used to draw over my older sister’s drawings and she used to get really mad.” Many people have noticed Trinity’s artwork – first on her Hydroflask. She has small little paintings scattered on her bottle and they are very eye-catching. Her paintings are very bold colors and aesthetically pleasing.

Trinity just being trinity

For awhile now Trinity has been wanting to sell her artwork, but she wouldn’t want to pursue art after high school. “Art colleges are too competitive so I wouldn’t want to go any further with it.” She doesn’t really get inspired by anyone or anything but when she’s bored she’ll start to paint. Trinity paints on different mediums, from her water bottle, canvas, or just plain old paper. Her artwork really reflects on her own personality which is very bright, colorful, and energetic. Anyone who’s friends with Trinity will tell you that she is very talented but very humble.

If you are interested in getting something cool and spunky you can find Trinity around school and she will gladly paint you something at a good price.