California Burning


Alorah Leinenbach, Beat Investigator

California has been plagued by several wildfires, especially in the northern regions, due to dry conditions and winds up to 50 mph.  PE&G, the provider of electricity to 16 million people in Northern California, shut power off to almost everyone from the bay area and up. PE&G cut the power because of high-risk conditions that could have caused a duplicate fire to the 2018 California Fires, which continue to haunt the region. By cutting power, approximately 4 million people were left in the dark.

The wildfires over the past few days have burned an area more than twice the size of San Francisco and destroyed nearly 60 homes. Firefighters are scrambling to put out the fire.

Many have expected the fires to be put out by November 7th, but now they are expected to last a lot longer. The latest update has said that many fires will last for weeks if not months to fully extinguish the flames.

By 7 am the Kincade has grown to over 75,000 acres with the fire being 15% contained and they are getting threats saying that they are the ones who set the fire on purpose to destroy homes. With the evacuation of 628 homes in Los Angeles, California’s shoreline is 50% contained. They do have shelter homes in place for residents for those with no where else to go.

As of today California fires around Los Angeles are still raging. With the heat speed of 50 mph, it has burned more than 76,000 acres and only 30% contained on the morning of Wednesday 10/30/19.