Non-Profit Safety Academy For Older Adults Held In Tucson


Nevaeh Castro, beat investigator

Free safety education classes, hosted by the Drexel Heights Fire District, will be held to inform older adults about fire and fall prevention, specifically targeting adults ages 55 and up. The January classes are Wednesdays — the 10th, 17th, and will repeat on Senior Safety Academy will be held from 8:30 a.m. to noon and will repeat on Feb. 5 and Feb. 12. Seniors must attend both days of each session.

This non-profit organization is funded by the Pima County  Community Development Block Grant Program. The Pima County Sheriff Department scam squad will also be present to educate participants about frauds and scams specifically targeting older adults.

For those who’d like to participate in this service, they are encouraged to pre-register by filling out an online application at or picking up a form at the district’s administration center at 5030 S. Camino Verde.

The instructors have a goal to inform the older adults in an entertaining way. In the academy they will use trivia, humor, and acting to teach participants how to protect themselves from fire and falls. Participants will take a tour of a fire station and learn about  services offered and fire safety skills. A hands-on demonstration on how to use fire extinguishers will be included in the sessions. Health scientists and physicians say brain injuries and hip fractures are among causes of health declines that cause death among older adults after a fall.

Pima County sheriff’s office representatives will talk about scams that target seniors and county Health Department representatives will cover health concerns affecting men and women as they get to an older age, such as the Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center will discuss the safe and proper use of medication.

The ones who wish to participate will receive safety resources for their home, at no cost to them.

For more information about the academy, call 883-4341.