International Women’s Day 2020

Alexis Bitnar, Fresh Face Editor

International Women’s  Day, held on March 8th, has been a holiday since 1911. The yearly celebration is aimed to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women, help women gain full and equal participation in global development, unite together people of every gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, and country. This day is not all about women’s rights – it also focuses on unity equality especially in a world where the differences between women and men are greater than ever.

This year’s theme is I am “Generation Equality : Realizing Women’s Rights” and the color is orange . Over 20 countries celebrate this day. Many women will take the day off in solidarity with others across the globe.

Some ways you can help celebrate or participate in this day is to: Take a picture wearing your orange clothing and hashtag it #Beboldforchange.  Another way you can participate is by going on a march and or attending a women’s network event or just by promoting gender equality in your every day life.  These marches are happening around the world, so it should be easy for you to find something for you to do to show your appreciation.