Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Sues LMPD After Months of Silence


Alexzander (AJ) Braaten, contributor

It’s now been 6 months since 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was fatally shot while in her Louisville apartment, but new developments in the case are still coming out. Her at-the-time boyfriend, Kennith Walker, who was also in the house and traded shots with the police has now filed a lawsuit against the officers.

On March 13th, 3 LMPD officers in civilian clothing executed a no-knock search warrant to try and link her to twice convicted drug dealer Jamarcus Glover, who was her Ex-Boyfriend. The officers claimed to announce themselves before going in, but Kennith Walker denies this, saying he thought the officers were intruders. He pulled his gun on the 3 officers, wounding one officer before the officers fired approximately 20 rounds, with 5 of them hitting Taylor. She was pronounced dead at the scene and Walker was taken into custody on charges of first degree assault and attempt to murder an officer. He was quickly released from custody with all charges dropped. The officers are now held under scrutiny with Narcotics detective Brett Hankison fired on June 23rd and his two partners put on administrative leave until further notice. None of the officers have faced any criminal charges or official punishment until now.

After several months Kennith Walker is now seeking immunity with the “Stand your Ground” law to excuse his one shot that injured one officer. He is seeking compensation from the city and the LMPD for Assault, Battery, False arrest and Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution, Abuse of Process and Negligence. In a press conference Walker said, “The charges brought against me were meant to silence me and cover up Breonna’s murder. ¬†For her and those that I love, I can no longer remain silent.” The LMPD have yet to release an official statement, though they have been trying to get Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover to sign a plea bargain that would name Taylor as a codefendant to the drug trafficking that led to the no-knock raid in the first place. So far Glover has denied the plea deal and is looking at multiple years in prison for drug trafficking, criminal syndication, and multiple gun charges.

There have been no updates yet on Walker’s lawsuit, but crucial evidence is still being presented. The ballistics report and the 911 phone call Walker made shortly after the shooting occurred are both to be reviewed. This situation has already brought the use of no-knock warrants under question, but with this lawsuit there could definitely be more to come.