Jaivon “JJ” Villareyes-Senior Spotlight


Gianni Martinez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Sorry ladies, Jaivon or better known as JJ, is taken. By whom you may ask? His car. Yes, that’s right his car, the 1991 Nissan 300 ZX which cost him over $7,000 to officially make his own. You heard that right, this 17-year-old senior who has played basketball with his fellow Cougars since freshman year has spent more on a car than he ever would on a girl. Speaking of girls, his car, also known as “LadyZ” gets noticed by everyone at school and at the local car meets he attends on the weekends. You can hear it from miles away and when the engine starts to rev up, you know it’s JJ pulling into the parking lot. With a car like LadyZ  he’s had the great opportunity of  receiving  sponsorships from car companies like Mishimoto, the world leader in performance cooling products and Sick Speed, an ultra high performance company that sells anything from a custom lug nut to merchandise for not only your car, but for yourself.

Ever since JJ was a young stud, he’d see his dad working on a car and think dang I wanna do something like that one day, and to this very day, he’s made over 10 new modifications to his car and will continue to do so thanks to the inspiration of his father and the new deals both Mishimoto and Sick Speed are offering. During our interview I was curious to know exactly what he’d be getting from these  sponsorships. “Not only do I become a member to their expanding family, but I get access to new products, free items, and discounts,” he replies.  Those discounts will come in clutch when he plans to remodel his car yet again.

Now brace yourself because what he’s done to his car and the plans he has next are not only mind-blowing but quite interesting: “So far I have coil-overs which lowers my car as well as slotted and drilled break routers.  I also have ESR rims that have federal SS 595 tires to go with it.” Of course he’s done more like installing a, “KBD front bumper, Japanese speck tail-lights, short throat shifter, keep-release steering wheel, and many more custom items like my very own custom rose gold spiked lug nuts,” which he purchased from Sick Speed. Over the spam of a year, Jaivon has installed “every part of my car by myself and with the help of my dad who motivated me to work harder.”

But what’s next you may ask? Well, Jaivon plans to wide body his car and add twin turbo, as well as pulling the motor out and rebuilding it, he says, “by myself and after that it’ll be my new and improved car.” A new and improved car for a new and improved person, and there you have it y’all Jaivon “JJ” Villareyes, the kid whose main motto is “do what makes you happy.”