Cougar Leaves the Pack


Deartis Mason, Reporter

Mati Goerke, senior, has committed to pursuing softball at the next level.  Part of our varsity softball team, she is making her way to a new start and a whole new campus. She will be attending Pima Community College and playing softball on a scholarship that she earned. Mati has been playing softball basically most of her life, starting at 8-years-old and loving the game ever since. Her family enjoys playing the sport as well, her cousin and little sister also play softball and they even played for Sahuaro’s softball team.

Mati has been on a total of 4 different teams, she has played in 3 different club teams and played for Sahuaro’s team since the start of her freshman year. Mati mentioned that, “Its very hard at times but I push through it.” Softball can be a very time consuming sport, especially with gettin school work done and going to practice or playing a game at the same time.

This year is very stressful for a lot of people who are going to college, but Mati is super excited to be a part of a new softball team and to experience big changes in her life as she goes to college. While playing for these different teams Mati’s position was mainly outfield and center field and she really enjoyed it, so on behalf of the Paper Cut we congratulate you Mati and we all hope to see you play softball at Pima!